MLB’s Most Insufferable Fans: Sweet 16, Bracket 2

Welcome back to the Most Insufferable MLB Fans tournament! Today, we are launching the second Sweet 16 bracket with some pretty good matchups (and some potential blowouts; you can decide which is which):

  • No. 2 seed New York Yankees fans vs No. 15 Milwaukee Brewers fans
  • No. 7 Chicago White Sox fans vs No. 10 San Francisco Giants fans
  • No. 3 Boston Red Sox fans vs No. 14 Detroit Tigers fans
  • No. 6 Philadelphia Phillies fans vs No. 11 Cincinnati Reds fans

We will keep voting open through the weekend. You can see the full bracket here or at the bottom of this page.

In the top half of the Sweet 16 bracket, the top-seeded Cardinals fans destroyed Orioles fans, Dodgers fans got by Mets fans surprisingly easily, Cubs fans handled Angels fans, and Braves fans tomahawk chopped Mariners fans. Don’t sleep on the Braves in this contest.

Now, on to the next round of voting:

Earlier results can be found here:

And here is the full bracket (click to embiggen):


(New York Daily News Photo)

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