Most Insufferable MLB Fans – Round 1, Bracket 1

The St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs fans earned the top four seeds in the inaugural Ball Eight Most Insufferable MLB Fans contest.

As the top two seeds, Cardinals and Yankees fans earned byes – so they can sit back and talk about doing things the right way and count their rings, respectively. Have fun.

We will do this five matches at a time until we are done with the first round, and then each of the two brackets in Round Two. You can see a larger image of the bracket here and at the bottom of this post (click to enlarge).

The first series of matchups include 16th seed Baltimore vs No. 17 Rangers, No. 8 Mets vs No. 25 Twins, No. 9 Dodgers vs No. 24 Rockies, and No. 4 Cubs vs No. 29 Rays. Vote now!

Note: Voting is now closed. Congratulations to fans of the Mets, Orioles, Cubs and Dodgers on their big wins. The Orioles fans advance to a second-round matchup with Cardinals fans.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 2.42.43 PM


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