Taco Bell Misses Derek Holland

Poor Taco Bell:

So, what led Taco Bell to reach out to the Derek Holland (aka @Dutch_Oven45)?

This Dallas Morning News story, in which he said he was eating less fast food – including Taco Bell:

“…  Instead of eating my typical Taco Bell and getting the house, or Wendy’s and all that kind of stuff, I don’t really get fast food all that often anymore now. I do miss Taco Bell. Taco Bell, listen close. I want an endorsement.”

So what was he eating at Taco Bell?

“Four cheesy gordita crunches with cool ranch taco shells, a spicy volcano burrito, a chicken quesadilla and to finish it all off, [I’d] have a caramel apple empanada. That used to actually be my pregame meal. Not at the stadium, but the night before. I would crush Taco Bell or Wendy’s guaranteed.”

No wonder Taco Bell wants him back.

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