Most Insufferable MLB Fans – Round 1, Bracket 3

Ball Eight is holding a contest to determine the most insufferable fans in all of baseball, with Cardinals and Yankees fans earning byes in the first round, as the top two seeds.

In the first two rounds of voting, Orioles (No. 16 seed), Mets (No. 8), Dodgers (No. 9), Cubs (No. 4), Angels (No. 20), Braves (No. 5), Mariners (No. 12), Brewers (No. 15) and White Sox (No. 7) fans all advanced. You can see the earlier voting here and here.

Today, we move on to the third and final bracket of the first round with the following matchups:

  • No. 10 San Francisco Giants vs No. 23 Kansas City Royals
  • No. 3 Boston Red Sox vs No. 30 Miami Marlins
  • No. 14 Detroit Tigers vs No. 19 Pittsburgh Pirates
  • No. 6 Philadelphia Phillies vs No. 27 Houston Astros
  • No. 11 Cincinnati Reds vs No. 22 Cleveland Indians

As you see, we have a World Series rematch between Giants and Royals fans, and the Battle of Ohio between the Reds and Indians.

You can see the full bracket here – or at the bottom of the page. Meanwhile, vote for the most insufferable fans in these five polls:

Here is the full bracket:

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 12.02.50 AM


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