Ball Eight is dedicated to covering the show around The Show. The players. The managers. The owners. The agents. The media. Even the fans.

We like trades and rumors. We like off-the-field issues. We like stats – some serious, some not so much. We like whimsy. Most of all, we like baseball.

Ball Eight was founded on December 8, 2014 by Tony Jewell, who works in public relations, is a lifelong Cubs fan (except 2006) and is the inventor of the TOOTBLAN. Researcher/writer Jon Becker loves stats and also works for Roster Resource. He can be found on Twitter @mlbrandomfandom. Matt Wojciak is a student-athlete at St. Joseph’s College of Maine in Standish, Maine, on the shores of Lake Sebago. He is the founder of the Middle Relief Report, and you can follow him at @MRRblog.

So come back often, and tell your friends.

By the way … our site’s title is an homage to the great Harry Doyle, as you can see here:

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