8 Stories (1/12/15): Social MLB, Deep Balls And Shoeless Joe

Happy National Championship Day! Here are the 8 Stories we think you should read as you get ready for Ducks vs Bucks:

Social Baseball: JP Morosi says MLB should be more social – though I believe they have gotten infinitely better in the last 18 months or so.

Distance Surgers: Which players hit the ball farther in 2014? Mike Podhorzer takes a look.

Good Arms: Buster Olney lists the top 10 rotations in all of baseball, headed by the Washington Nationals (Insider subscription required). They apparently have the most extraordinary collection of talent since Randy Johnson pitched alone (history!).

Deep Dive: Eno Sarris examines the many effective pitches of Pedro Martinez. He was pretty good.

Big Question: Barry Svrluga insists somebody will sign Max Scherzer. For reals.

Hammerin Hank: Hank Aaron is among those bidding to buy the Atlanta Hawks.

Auction: A baseball signed by six of the eight Chicago Black Sox – including Shoeless Joe – will be put up for auction today. Get your pennies together.

Yankee Question: Pinstripe Alley ponders whether Chase Headley is the next Scott Brosius.

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