Who Didn’t Vote For Randy Johnson?

Randy Johnson was voted into the Hall of Fame on Tuesday, earning 97.3 percent of the vote. A total of 534 voters named Johnson on their ballots – more than any other player by far.

Which raises the question: Who are the 15 voters who didn’t included the Big Unit on their ballots.

Thanks to Ryan Thibs, we know the identities of three of the voters: Mike¬†Berardino of the Pioneer Press and George Willis of the New York Post. Former baseball writer Larry Rocca explains why he only voted for Tim Raines and Alan Trammel here. And one other anonymous ballots listed on Thibs’ site was left entirely blank.

That leaves us with 10 ballots that have not been disclosed.

For his part, Berardino has explained his vote repeatedly: He believed Johnson (and Pedro Martinez) were sure-fire first-ballot Hall of Famers and therefore didn’t “need” his vote, since he was limited to 10 selections and thought more than 10 warranted a vote.

Near as can tell, Willis hasn’t explained his vote, which is listed here with other Post voters. He did vote for Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, Mike Piazza, Gary Sheffield and John Smoltz.

So we know he did not:

  • Exclude Johnson to vote for someone else, as he only had eight selections.
  • Suspect Johnson was a PED user, given his list.
  • Refuse to vote for Johnson on the first ballot out of some silly principle, as he voted for Martinez and Smoltz.

Given that, I haven’t a clue what Willis was up to given Johnson’s resume.

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