Socratic Debate In Response To Rosecrans’ HOF Ballot Story

C. Trent Rosecrans took the time to explain his Hall of Fame ballot on Christmas Eve, detailing why he voted the way he did and why some got left off:

So, if you skipped everything above just to get here, go back up and read the rest before you call me dirty names and at least understand my thinking, but here’s my ballot (in order): Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Jeff Bagwell, Mike Piazza, Curt Schilling, Mike Mussina, Tim Raines, Larry Walker.

Yes, that means no John Smoltz, no Craig Biggio, no Alan Trammell and no Edgar Martinez. Those four are all, to me, Hall of Fame worthy players and they didn’t get my vote. That breaks my heart a little bit, because I love and respect this game. I think they are all deserving, but the rules won’t let me vote as I’d like. It’s much more fun to debate baseball than it is process, but unfortunately the process has trumped the baseball.

This, of course, was met with a studied and thoughtful response from the reading public:

I do believe, however, some asked a valid question about Sammy Sosa:

This doesn’t seem so short to me (and it most certainly was a higher peak than most), but whatever.

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