Everybody Hates Jeffrey Loria

For some reason, rival baseball executives are fed up with the Miami Marlins.

Jon Heyman details the (anonymous) beefs here.

“They’re a joke,” says the executive of one team who can’t understand how the Marlins’ revenues can be lower than those of the Rays and A’s, two teams long embroiled in thus far unsuccessful endeavors to get new stadiums.

As Heyman notes, the Marlins receive more revenue than any other club, despite playing in a new stadium in a big market, largely due to the fact nobody goes to their games (1.7 million fans), they don’t charge much for tickets and they get squat from their local TV deal.

Not to mention the fact they are paying Giancarlo Stanton all the dollars ($325 million of them, to be precise).

Good business model for Jeffrey Loria. Bad for the rest of baseball.

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