TOOTBLAN Leaderboard: Teams

The Tampa Bay Rays are going TOOTBLAN crazy in the first half of the season.

After putting up just 60 in 2014 and an MLB fewest 54 in 2013, the Rays have run into 47 on-base, non-force outs in just 87 games this season. They are on a pace for 87 for the season – which would be a TOOTBLAN era record (breaking the Dodgers’ mark of 86 last season).

How are they doing it? The Rays only have one player in the top 12 in MLB TOOTBLAN (Longoria with 7). Instead, they have 14 different players who have TOOTBLAN’d this year, including six with four or more.

You can see the full list of TOOTBLAN here. Here is how each team is doing so far this year (and it’s clear there is a TOOTBLAN cluster in Chicago)

Rays 47
Cubs 45
White Sox 45
Tigers 43
Cardinals 41
Angels 41
Red Sox 40
Diamondbacks 40
Twins 39
Dodgers 39
Padres 35
Rockies 35
Astros 34
Phillies 34
Giants 34
Mariners 34
Blue Jays 34
Reds 33
Brewers 32
Braves 31
Rangers 31
Pirates 31
Royals 31
Yankees 30
Nationals 29
Marlins 29
Athletics 29
Mets 28
Orioles 27
Indians 19

(TBO Photo)

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