Majestic Offering Trade Insurance On MLB Jerseys

Majestic – makers of sports apparel – is offering nervous baseball jersey buyers insurance of sorts on purchases made between now and the trade deadline (the second one).

This little piece of marketing goodness landed in the in-box of Twitterer Randall J. Sanders this afternoon

So, if you really, really want to buy a Cole Hamels Phillies jersey – though wouldn’t you have one by now? – go ahead and get it right now for a mere $292 at Majestic’s website. If he’s traded to the Cardinals? You can get another for $146! Or you could get a Papelbon jersey for half off at $149 (that may be a bad example).

Let’s face it: You may be best off just waiting until September 1 for your jersey wear for the rest of 2015.

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