The Utter Insanity Of The Wrigley Rooftop Owners

As you may have seen, the rooftop owners are suing the Cubs and their plan to erect signs in the outfield (thereby blocking views) for – among other things – operating a monopoly to sell tickets to see Cubs games.


Reading the complaint, their argument seems to be that people have watched Cubs games for years from the rooftops (“During the 1929 World Series, the rooftops on Sheffield Avenue and Waveland Avenue were packed with spectators”) … and therefore people should always be able to watch Cubs games from the rooftops (despite clear – albeit ill-advised – contractual language).

The rooftops also allege this statement from Tom Ricketts from last year is “defamatory“:

“So you’re sitting in your living room watching, say, Showtime. All right, you’re watching ‘Homeland.’ You pay for that channel, and then you notice your neighbor looking through your window watching ‘Homeland.'” Ricketts told fans, according to the complaint. “And then you turn around, and they’re charging the other neighbors to sit in the yard and watch your television. So then you get up to close the shades, and the city makes you open them. That’s basically what happened.”

Yes, that’s exactly what happened.

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