Great 8s For Each Team In History

Great8No. 8.

Many of the all-time greats in baseball history wore No. 8 – either throughout or at some point in their careers. All-Stars. Hall of Famers. Gold Glovers.

These are the best players who wore No. 8 with each of the MLB teams, even though they may have worn different numbers at different times. (Research done by Jon Becker, who you can follow at @mlbrandomfandom.)

We are listing the stats for each player with the team they are representing, though the totality of the career may have played some role in determining the best player. For example, Carlos Guillen was significantly better in Detroit than Seattle, but he wore No. 8 in Seattle (and No. 9 in Detroit). If you want to dig deeper into their careers, just click on their names.

With that, here are the Great Eights:

American League East

  • Baltimore Orioles: Cal Ripken Jr., .276/.340/.447, 431 HR, two MVPs, 19 ASG, Hall of Fame
  • Boston Red Sox: Carl Yastrzemski.285/.379/.462, 452 HR, one MVP, 18 ASG, Hall of Fame
  • New York Yankees: Yogi Berra, .285/.348/.483, three MVPs, 15 ASG, Hall of Fame
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Desmond Jennings, .248/.327/.401, 47 HR
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Alex Gonzalez, .245/.304/.386, 83 HR

American League Central

  • Chicago White Sox: Mike Kreevich, .290/.350/.415, 36 HR, one ASG
  • Cleveland Indians: Albert Belle, .295/.369/.580, 242 HR, four ASG
  • Detroit Tigers: Ray Boone, .291/.372/.482, 105 HR, two ASG
  • Kansas City Royals: Ed Kirkpatrick, .248/.334/.390, 56 HR
  • Minnesota Twins: Gary Gaetti, .256/.307/.437, 201 HR, two ASG

American League West

  • Houston Astros: Mark Loretta, .296/.363/.393, 10 HR
  • Los Angeles Angels: Bob Boone, .245/.297/.323, 39 HR, one ASG, four Gold Gloves
  • Oakland A’s: Kurt Suzuki, .255/.311/.380, 58 HR
  • Seattle Mariners: Carlos Guillen, .264/.335/.383, 29 HR
  • Texas Rangers: Bob Jones, .226/.284/.345, 13 HR

National League East

  • Atlanta Braves: Javy Lopez, .287/.337/.502, 214 HR, three ASG
  • Miami Marlins: Chris Coghlan, .270/.337/.390, 21 HR, ROY
  • New York Mets: Gary Carter, .249/.319/.412, 89 HR, four ASG, Hall of Fame
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Shane Victorino, .279/.345/.439, 179 SB, two ASG
  • Washington Nationals: Gary Carter, .269/.342/.454, 220 HR, seven ASG, Hall of Fame

National League Central

  • Chicago Cubs: Andre Dawson, .285/.327/.507, 174 HR, five ASG, one MVP, Hall of Fame
  • Cincinnati Reds: Joe Morgan, .288/.415/.470, 152 HR, 406 SB, eight ASG, two MVP, Hall of Fame
  • Milwaukee Brewers: Ryan Braun, .306/.368/.550, 230 HR, five ASG, ROY, one MVP
  • Pittsburgh Pirates: Willie Stargell, .282/.360/.529, 475 HR, seven ASG, 1 MVP, Hall of Fame
  • St. Louis Cardinals: Terry Moore, .280/.340/.399, four ASG

National League West

  • Arizona Diamondbacks: Gerardo Parra, .274/.326/.395, 42 HR, two GG
  • Colorado Rockies: Yorvit Torrealba, .256/.313/.379, 23 HR
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: John Roseboro, .251/.327/.382, 92 HR, three ASG
  • San Diego Padres: John Kruk, .281/.389/.421, 36 HR
  • San Francisco Giants: Gus Mancuso, .270/.330/.353, 36 HR, two ASG

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