Cardinals Fans React To Insufferability Title With A Quiet Dignity

Insufferable – adjective \(ˌ)in-ˈsə-f(ə-)rə-bəl\ having or showing unbearable arrogance or conceit.

Democracy declared Cardinals fans to be the Most Insufferable Fans in all of baseball – and you’ll be pleased to learn that they have taken the opportunity to reflect on how they behave and why they may be perceived the way they are.

Just kidding.

Cardinals fans gonna Cardinal fan. To wit:

As you see, many Cardinals fans blamed Cubs fans for the results of the election – but the month-long votes attracted more attention from other fan bases. Cubs fans were relatively quiet throughout the process (as evidenced by their advancing to the Elite 8).

The comments on the original post offer another useful glimpse into why Cardinals fans fared well.

The good people at STL Cardinal Baseball posted a link to the post on their Facebook page, touching off a Master’s class in insufferability (click to enlarge):


And so on.


  • Hahaha! WTF is Ball Eight?! The daytime weatherman on my local news station has more Twitter followers than you. Keep trying guys. Nice clickbait article though…


  • Great. A Flubs fan and a 16 year-old have started a web site and are leading with this.

    Whatever get you clicks, I guess. And you’ve made it a whole month! Hosting fees are cheap now.


    • 1. It’s a poll. People answered.
      2. Yep, I’m a Cubs fan – who also happens to think lots and lots of Cubs fans are awful. Which is why they were the 4th seed. They couldn’t get by the Braves fans, who couldn’t get by the Cardinals fans. Cream rises to the top and all that.
      3. Thank you for your good wishes and your clicks!


      • You had less than 300 votes tallied in your final poll. As someone who considers themselves a baseball writer, I shouldn’t have to explain to you the lack of value of small sample sizes should I? Not exactly a scientific poll representative of the MLB fanbase as a whole is it?


      • I can tell you that even with 300-ish votes, the 77 percent to 23 percent vote was within the margin of error. 🙂


  • Lots of quiet dignity making its way to this page, I see

    Liked by 1 person

  • You ran a poll for a month and got 300 votes? You’re defending it like it’s legit. Since you’re a cubs fan I’m assuming most of your “reading base” as small as it must be are cubs fans as well.
    Pretty amusing. I didn’t want to comment but seeing you defend your findings so hard is just lol.
    Watch espn during baseball fans, never heard them say bad things about cards nation, players who leave St. Louis have regrets about it bc of the franchise and fan base. You sir are a troll looking for hits on your no name site.
    I clicked! Good for you!
    300 votes…lol
    You’re 77 percent comment is priceless.


  • You post this crap like any other fan base would react differently. Congrats. You guys are such great journalists.


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