5 Reasons The Brewers “Timeless Ticket” Makes No Economic Sense

The Milwaukee Brewers announced a “Timeless Ticket” last October that entitled the bearer to redeem a $1,000 ticket for entry into any Brewers game in the future.

Want to go to a World Series game at Miller Park? Timeless ticket. Want to go to Opening Day? Timeless ticket. A Tuesday game against the Marlins in May 2022? Timeless ticket!

Interesting concept.

Judging by today’s announcement, however, the uptake may have been less then robust. The Brewers announced that instead of redeeming the $1,000 timeless ticket for just any one game in the future, it also could be redeemed for any nine games – Opening Day and playoffs excluded.

So why didn’t the original plan take off? Here’s guessing Brewers fans asked themselves the following questions:

Lack of scarcity: What game in Brewers history have I not been able to get into for less than $1,000? Here’s guessing there have been none – even on the secondary market.

Lack of opportunity: What is the near-term likelihood that the Brewers will be playing a game that would cost more than $1,000 on the secondary market? Again, chances seem extremely low.

Demand: Do I really want to go to a undetermined game in the future – by myself? No? So now I have to spend $2,000.

Opportunity cost: Assuming MLB ticket prices continue to increase and the Brewers may be good in the future, do I want to place a $1,000 bet that this will be a good deal? Or do I have better ways to allocate $1,000? Such as …

Allocation of resources: As a Wisconsin sports fan, is there something better I can spend $1,000 on? Yes. Like, say, an NFC championship ticket ($305) and a plane ticket to Seattle ($595).

Interesting concept – but, as originally structured, it makes absolutely no economic sense for a Wisconsin sports fan to buy one, let alone two.

In fact, if a fan invested the $1,000 today and got a 7 percent return, it would be worth $1,967 in 10 years – probably more than enough to get a family of four in for Opening Day 2025 (and maybe some snacks).

And the new nine-ticket deal doesn’t make much more sense, either.

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