Insufferable Fans Finals: Yankees Vs Cardinals

Here we are.

After more than a month of voting, the top two seeds have advanced to the finals of Ball Eight’s Most Insufferable Fans tournament.

It’s the top-seeded Best Fans In Baseball against No. 2 seed Yankees fans. They advanced with relatively easy semifinal matchups (Cardinals fans beating Braves fans 74 to 26 percent, and Yankees fans beating Red Sox fans 60-40).

The whole finals battle very well may be summed up by this picture: sweetjesus Or this one: yankeesfans You get the picture.

With that, it is time to vote for the Most Insufferable Fans in Baseball:

If you’d like to vote for the third Most Insufferable Fans, the Braves and Red Sox sans are in the third-place matchup:

And here’s the full bracket: Finals

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