The Willful Ignorance Of (Some) Hall Of Fame Voters

Ever wonder why Mike Piazza, Tim Raines and other deserving Hall of Fame candidates don’t get in?

It’s because people like Marty Noble – national reporter for, of all places – exist and are allowed to vote.

For the second year in a row, no need to study the ballot existed. I voted for the three no-brainer candidates — Johnson, Martinez and Smoltz. I never picked up a book or clicked on a website, though, as encouraged by the Hall, I did chat with guys who covered the game when I did. We had similar thoughts, and now I sense that The Unit and Pedro are definites and Smoltz is a likely. I think Biggio makes it this year, and I’ll be happy for him. But he didn’t get my support for reasons — read suspicions — stated last year. Same with Piazza and the others who have prompted greater suspicions, been caught or admitted using.

“I never picked up a book or clicked on a website…”

Willful ignorance – and he’s rewarded with a job at Nice.

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