8 Stories (1/7/15): Hall Caps, Mickey Morandini And Player Movement

Welcome to the mostly Hall of Fame edition of 8 Stories, your daily look at the pieces we think you should read to be a better person.

Owned: Big Unit? Pfft. Pedro? Not a problem. Smoltz? Belly itcher. Mickey Morandini manhandled the new Hall of Famers throughout his career, as Tyler Kepner notes.

Say Wha…: Jesse Spector pokes through the five most confusing Hall of Fame ballots – and you knew Dan Shaughnessy dignified explanation would be in there.

Waiting Game: After getting three in Tuesday, Rob Neyer wonders when the next starting pitcher will be voted into the Hall of Fame.

Nerves: Pedro’s first pitching coach remembers his humble beginnings. Read it. It’s a sweet story.

Head Gear: Craig Calcaterra wonders which cap each of the new Hall of Famers will wear to Cooperstown.

Perhaps: A bulletproof baseball cap.

Merry Go Round: Tony Blengino looks at position player movement – and how active this offseason has been.

Business Stuff: The Cubs continue to nail down their TV situation, as Brett at Bleacher Nation notes.

And happy birthday to Ross Grimsley (65), Jon Lester (31), Francisco Rodriguez (33), Alfonso Soriano (39), and Edwin Encarnacion (32).

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