Next Year’s Hall Of Fame Favorites And Hopefuls

With the Hall of Fame voting behind us, let’s turn our attention to next year’s selections – adding in the first-time eligibles and taking away those who were 5 percented and aged out (Don Mattingly).

First the newly eligible: Ken GriffeyTrevor HoffmanBilly WagnerJim EdmondsGarret AndersonJason Kendall and Troy Glaus.

Griffey – despite an injury-plagued back half off his career – is a sure-fire first ballot Hall of Famer. He hit 630 home runs and put up a .284/.370/.538 line over a 22-year career that included a WAR of an astounding 76.1 from 1989 to 2000.

Other than Junior, there will be some support for Hoffman, who retired as the all-time saves leader before it Mariano Rivera took it away. His candidacy will be harmed by Rivera (who was a much better pitcher).

Other than that, any new inductees will have to come from the veteran Hall eligibles.

Mike Piazza has been trending in the right direction and should make it. Curt Schilling may benefit from a lack of pitching depth ahead of him.

Roger ClemensBarry Bonds and Jeff Bagwell will still have their issues with a certain segment of the voters.

Which leaves us with Tim Raines, who clearly deserves to be in and may benefit from the thin first-time class as well.

Here are the players who did will return to the ballot next year, along with the percentage of votes they received and how many years they’ve been on the ballot:

Mike Piazza 384 (69.9) 3
Jeff Bagwell 306 (55.7) 5
Tim Raines 302 (55) 8
Curt Schilling 215 (39.2) 3
Roger Clemens 206 (37.5) 3
Barry Bonds 202 (36.8) 3
Lee Smith 166 (30.2) 13
Edgar Martinez 148 (27) 6
Alan Trammell 138 (25.1) 14
Mike Mussina 135 (24.6) 2
Jeff Kent 77 (14) 2
Fred McGriff 71 (12.9) 9
Larry Walker 65 (11.8) 5
Gary Sheffield 64 (11.7) 1
Mark McGwire 55 (10) 9
Don Mattingly 50 (9.1) 15
Sammy Sosa 36 (6.6) 3
Nomar Garciaparra 30 (5.5) 1

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