8 Stories (1/6/15): Hall Of Lame, Pete Rose And Ryan Howard

8storiesLogoWelcome to Hall of Fame day! Vote results are announced at 2 p.m. Until then, read these 8 Stories to get you through the morning:

Hall of Lame: Ryan Fagan names nine of the worst Hall of Fame selections ever (it’s a lot of guys you’ve never heard of).

Pete’s Sake: Howard Cole doesn’t think anything that has happened in recent years has changed Pete Rose’s case to be reinstated.

Cover It Up: Want some Ted Williams condoms? Not Ted Williams’ condoms, mind you. Condoms with Ted Williams on them (or at least the box).

Cuba Libre: Rangers broadcaster Eric Nadel loves Latin American culture and baseball – and offers his perspective on the opening of Cuba.

Pitch Talk: Which comes first – a good fastball or a good changeup? Michael Bradburn goes deep at Beyond the Boxscore.

Howard’s End: Mike Petriello works to find Ryan Howard a new home – and comes up with just three AL East teams as just “lukewarm possibilities.”

Mythical Empire: Harlan Spence dispels a handful of myths about the building of the most recent dynasty era New York Yankees.

Pay Day: Rob Neyer asks, “Is James Shields worth $100 million?” (No, but no ballplayer is…)

And happy birthday to Kevin Gausman (24), Marlon Anderson (41), Norm Charlton (52) and Ruben Amaro (79).

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