Report: Pitch Clock Unlikely For Coming Season

There just isn’t enough support among owners and the players’ union to institute a pitch clock in an attempt to speed of MLB games in 2015, Jon Morosi of Fox Sports reports today:

Major League Baseball is highly unlikely to institute a 20-second pitch clock for the 2015 regular season, sources say, following a trial during the Arizona Fall League.

MLB officials have acknowledged a need to quicken the pace of games, and the AFL (a league for top prospects) was an ideal proving ground.

The pitch clock received the greatest amount of attention because it was the most radical proposal relative to established baseball practices. Red Sox prospect Keith Couch, who pitched for the league’s Surprise Saguaros, said the 20 seconds were “more than enough time to get your sign and deliver.” However, sources say the pitch clock has insufficient support among MLB and the MLB Players Association to be implemented in 2015.

Owners will consider other rule changes at their meetings next week, Morosi reports, including proposals requiring batters to keep one foot in the batters box, baserunners to slide directly into second to cut down on injuries, and managers to request a replay more quickly.

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