Final Four: MLB’s Most Insufferable Fans

The Final Four is here.

After weeks of voting, we have the final two matchups in our inaugural Most Insufferable MLB Fans tournament. And to the surprise of few, it’s:

  • No. 1 seed St. Louis Cardinals fans vs No. 5 Atlanta Braves fans
  • No. 2 New York Yankees fans vs No. 3 Boston Red Sox fans

The reason they are here is fairly obvious, but to put it concisely: Best Fans In Baseball vs the Tomahawk Chop. Yeah Jeets! vs Bill Simmons Bros.

The top-seeded BFIBs walked in to the Final Four by topping Orioles fans and Dodgers fans, while the Braves fans dismantled Padres and Mariners fans before having a surprisingly easy time with Cubs fans.

The No. 2 Yankees fans whipped Brewers fans before dispatching world champion Giants fans in the Elite 8. Red Sox fans throttled Marlins and Tigers fans and beat the Phillies in the closest Elite 8 matchup (that wasn’t even that close).

Now, on to the voting (you can see the full bracket and round by round voting here or at the bottom of this post):



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