ESPN Releases Hall Of Fame Ballots

ESPN on Sunday released the Hall of Fame ballots of their 17 writers who submitted ballots (Buster Olney is boycotting this year’s Hall of Fame vote), with six player surpassing the 75 percent threshold needed to make the Hall.

Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez were included on all 17 ballots (that’s 100 percent), while Tim Raines and John Smoltz appeared on 14 ballots (82.4 percent). Craig Biggio and Mike Piazza each were named on 13 ballots (76.5 percent).

Jeff Bagwell, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens each were named by nine voters (52.9 percent), and Curt Schilling was picked by eight voters (47.1 percent). See the full ballots here.

The votes are largely in line with those being compiled by Ryan Thibs’ Hall of Fame tracker, which has Johnson, Martinez, Smoltz, Biggio and Piazza. Raines is just short at 67.7 percent.

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