Agent: Starlin Castro Looking To Move To Arizona, Florida

Starlin Castro’s agent Paul Kinzer appeared on MLB Network Radio on Monday and made it clear that he and others are urging the All-Star shortstop to make some changes to avoid the apparent dangers he faces in the Dominican Republic.

Here is a transcript from the audio linked above:

I’ve talked to him. Theo and Jed have talked to him. He’s in the process of looking for a place in Florida and Arizona. In the Dominican, the players love it. … That’s home for him. That’s where his family is. The person who died is his second or third cousin. It’s his dad’s cousin is what I was told. It isn’t just somebody that just an altercation that happened. Everybody there hates it. The family for this guy has been to Starlin’s house, and they’ve told him they know he wasn’t connected.

What has been decided? What does he want

I think he realizes he has to make changes. He’s gotta move to where he can work out, stay focused on baseball, and stay away from the distractions. I’m sure he’ll still visit home, but it’s just getting harder. It’s just tough. It isn’t like he hates Monte Criste or anything, but it just seems like he’s more of a target than the guys from the bigger cities, so he has to be aware of that. It’s a shame, but it comes to that point. With his contract and the way things are, I think it would be in his best interests to possibly move to Arizona where he could work out at the Cubs complex all year.

Seems prudent.

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