Kickstarter Project Aimed At Wilpons

Frustrated by the Mets’ Metitude, a fan has turned to Kickstarter to raise money to pay for a billboard urging the Wilpons to sell the team.

I love the Mets and believe the owners are not responsible stewards of the team. Their poor decisions have placed the team into a position where they no longer invest in a manner of placing the team in contention for the playoffs. They manage the team simply to keep it as a family heirloom. This project is simple, I would like us to create a message and place it on the billboard. Something like: #FreeMetsFans Sell The Team! or #FreeMetsFans New Owners Needed!

Mets fan Gary Palumbo – operating under @MetsBillboard – has reserved two billboards on Roosevelt Avenue around the block from Citi Field in Queens, with a launch date of the billboard of March 30, 2015 (Opening Day).

They are seeking $5,000 (the two billboards are $4,000 for four weeks, with assorted costs for printing and installing the billboards). If you give $1 or more, you get to vote on the message to be displayed on the billboard. If you kick in $20 or more, you get a framed 5×7 picture of the billboard. And if you donate $50 or more, you get a t-shirt with an image of the billboard on it.

The project has 21 days to go. So far, they have raised $1,686 from 76 backers.

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