Lonnie Chisenhall Loves “Frozen”

In an interview with the Indians website, Corey Kluber let out a little secret about Lonnie Chisenhall, when asked if he could sing all the words to “Let It Go” since he has young daughters:

Yes. Absolutely. We actually watched “Frozen” for the first time in Spring Training this year. We lived with the Chisenhalls, and we were trying to figure out a time where the kids would all be calm enough to sit down and watch it. Before we got to that, Lonnie actually watched it and said, “This is the best movie ever!” He actually watched it before any of the kids. Ever since then, Kendall has been hooked. Lonnie actually watched it on a bus ride in Spring Training, too. I don’t know if that was supposed to be a secret or not.

So far, Chisenhall hasn’t confirmed his love of Frozen. We will update accordingly if we hear back.

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