Arizona Diamondbacks: Enemies Of Gluten

Much was made of the Wade Miley suggesting his refusal to give up gluten may have contributed to the Diamondbacks trading him to the Red Sox.

Now, our research department has uncovered some supporting data that points to Arizona’s longtime war on gluten.

The website reported in 2009 that the Diamondbacks would begin offering gluten-free snacks and beer at their games.

Which leads us … wait, what? There is a site with the url Yes, yes, there is. The site is titled “Free to Enjoy Baseball (peanut free and more)” and is dedicated to detailing peanut-allergy friendly events at ballparks across the country.

They seem to have given up in May of this year after 175 posts.

So, anyway, those gluten-hating Diamondbacks totally drove Miley away over his love of gluten.

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