Report: Mets Fans Would “Go Bat Sh!t” Over Tulo Demands

The New York media has apparently moved on from speculating that Starlin Castro will be traded to the Mets for whatever the Mets want … because New York.

Now, they’ve turned to Tulo, though chances of it happening are slim:

NEW YORK — The Mets and Rockies have engaged in some talks this offseason regarding¬†Troy Tulowitzki, but a well-placed source told the chances of something ever materializing are 5 percent at best.

No talks are believed to have been overly recent. And an insider said the Mets fans clamoring for a Tulo acquisition would go “bat s—” if they knew the package the Rockies wanted for Tulowitzki.

You mean you don’t get one of the best shortstops in the game just because you play baseball in Queens?


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