Did Diamondbacks Trade Wade Miley Over Gluten?

The Arizona Republic reports that there are whispers around baseball that the Diamondbacks were less than thrilled with Wade Miley’s health habits before he was traded to the Red Sox. Most notably, they didn’t like his diet:

Miley thinks it stems back to disagreements he had in the past with the team’s training staff, which he felt had a tendency to go overboard in its insistence on a healthy diet for players.

Miley doesn’t think there is anything wrong with his diet and believes his work ethic is where it needs to be. He admits it wasn’t always that way. …

Miley said he didn’t want to go into specifics about his diet but did make a passing reference about not being gluten free. He said he wished the team were more willing to tailor its approach toward individuals rather than having everyone doing the same things.

“It might work for some people, but I didn’t feel like it worked for me,” he said. “I did what I felt like I needed to do to pitch every five days.”

He’s headed to Boston. Hope he doesn’t like fried chicken too much.

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