Lester: Oakland Trade Made It Easier To Pick Against Boston

If the Red Sox wanted to sign Jon Lester for the 2015 season (and beyond), they probably shouldn’t have traded him to the A’s:

“Yeah, I think so,” said Lester when asked if the trade made it easier for him to leave Boston for good. “I think there’s always that unknown when you’re traded, going to a whole different coast, a whole different organization, a whole different philosophy. I think going [to Oakland] prepared us for this time.

“I think if we finish out the year in Boston and you get down to this decision, I think it would be a lot harder. That’s not to say it wasn’t hard as it was, but I feel like that broke that barrier of ‘I wonder if I could play for another team.’ And I think we answered those questions.”

In other news, he will wear No. 34 in Chicago – as No. 31 is retired (Maddux, Jenkins)

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