“Bud Selig Experience” Coming To Miller Park

Oh, Brewers.

MILWAUKEE —The Milwaukee Brewers will build a new fan experience based on Brewers founder and retiring commissioner of baseball Bud Selig.

Chief Operating Officer Rick Schlesinger said the Selig Experience will feature a theater that will show a 3D movie based on Selig’s life.

The film will also incorporate Selig’s time as head of the Brewers, as well as his time as the ninth Commissioner of Major League Baseball.

The exhibit will also feature a replica of Selig’s office when he was with the Brewers, “including the stacks of papers it was famous for,” Schlesinger said.

A 3D image of Selig will also be featured as part of the fan experience.

Tourism, after all, is a major part of the Wisconsin economy.

Ball Eight has exclusively learned that the “Bud Selig Experience” will include hands on activities for fans, including having the Bud hologram will extort money from fans and taxpayers by threatening to move their team if they don’t pay up.

The Bud hologram also will declare random games each season at Miller Park a tie, just for old time’s sake.

Good times!

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