The Short Memory Of Bill Plaschke

Bill Plaschke, in his painfully predictable column bashing the Dodgers for trading Matt Kemp, unleashes this beauty on the world:

After moves made by the Dodgers’ new baseball boss this week, their immediate future will be his glorious triumph, or his thunderous failure, and there will be nothing in between. Forget Don Mattingly, forget Yasiel Puig, it will be Friedman’s shoulders that will bear the weight of the bold — or is it boneheaded? — reworking of a lineup that was just getting used to October.

“Just getting used to October”? This is the team that has been summarily eliminated two years in a row by the St. Louis Cardinals. This is the team that a columnist for the Los Angeles Times (his name is Bill Plaschke) wrote the following about, upon their elimination in October:

The failure was something much broader, much deeper, and much more evident in the Dodgers words than even their play. This was a 94-win team that was favored by many to traipse through October on its way to the World Series, yet their journey lasted all of five days. This was the ugliest postseason elimination for this franchise in 29 years, since the Cardinals did this to them in the 1985 National League Championship Series.

But they are “getting used to October”! Sounds like it:

So why can’t the same be said of the Dodgers? Why does this rich and powerful team so often play selfishly and distracted, particularly under pressure? Why are they, you know, the anti-Cardinals? Adrian Gonzalez drove in a major league-leading 116 runs during the regular season, yet gave away at-bats and failed miserably to bring in runners from scoring position on three occasions in the final two postseason games. Dee Gordon was so worn down he had only three postseason hits. And throughout the series there was a visible lack of Dodgers leadership on the field when pitchers were struggling or Kemp was arguing with umpire Dale Scott, and nearly bumping him, all by himself.

But they are “getting used to October”! And:

The heat here falls on Mattingly, who, for a second consecutive postseason, didn’t seem to have a firm grip on his team. He not only seems unable to steer their playing ethic, but he also still struggles strategically.

But at least they are “getting used to “October”! It’s too bad Plaschke doesn’t have access to a Google machine to see what he has written before.

Update: Craig Calcaterra has a nice wrap up on the madness of King Plaschke.

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