It’s Easy To Win Steve Dilbeck’s Affections

Steve Dilbeck, the Dodgers blogger for the Los Angeles Times, writes that he will miss Matt Kemp – even though there was ongoing tension between the two of them – for a simple reason: Kemp refused to call him fat.

That’s as good a reason as any, I guess.

First, the tension:

In truth, Kemp had a problem with me. He refused to explain it. Maybe it was one too many snarky comments or he didn’t like my questions or that I had him second in the MVP voting in 2011 or he just didn’t understand the difference between straight newspaper reporting and the commentary awarded to a blog.

Now, the heartwarming resolution:

Last season the Dodgers were on a road trip in Milwaukee and the traveling beat writers were gathered around several players before a game in the clubhouse and the conversation turned to: What if players were going to do a writing job on a sports writer?

To which my close Times comrade, peer and ex-friend, Dylan Hernandez, shouted: “Why didn’t you just say the old, fat (guy)?”

But see, Kemp didn’t go there. Even for a scribe he would just as soon see transferred to another beat, he could not bring himself to say anything derogatory. And so, he became my favorite Dodger.

The lesson: Refuse to call Steve Dilbeck old and fat, and he’s your friend for life.

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