Ervin Santana (!) Gets Four Years (!) & $55 Million (!)

The Minnesota Twins backed up the truck for Ervin Santana. Well, then:

The right-hander is guaranteed $54 million over the four years, with a conditional option worth $14 million in 2019 if he throws more than 200 innings, a source said. He will receive a $1 million buyout if the Twins don’t exercise the option.

This feels like a signing in which a team feels like they should something. Anything. But did too much for the wrong person (a la Edwin Jackson and the Cubs two years ago).

If nothing else, it certainly makes the Francisco Liriano Рnot to mention Jason Hammel Рdeal look good.

The Twins will be Santana’s four team in four years after spending the first eight years of his career with the Angels.

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