David Robertson OK With Yankees Going With Miller

At least publicly, David Robertson is cool with the Yankees signing Andrew Miller instead of, well, David Robertson.

From Ken Davidoff:

“I wasn’t surprised. It is a business,” Robertson said in a conference call held by the White Sox. “The Yankees had to do what they had to do. Obviously, when they signed [Andrew] Miller [last week], I had a feeling they might not approach us as well as we would have liked.”

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman divulged Tuesday that, when the Yankees committed four years and $36 million to Miller, they decided not to pursue Robertson any further. They bluffed publicly of still having interest in an attempt to prop up the market of a player they personally liked, but when Robertson’s agent Scott Leventhal requested a meeting Monday night here at the meetings, Cashman informed the representative there would be no offer coming.

“I’ve had a wonderful time with the New York Yankees,” Robertson said. “I made some great friendships and relationships that will last beyond my playing career. I had a great opportunity. I’m looking forward to the next chapter.”

Signing with the White Sox for $46 million probably made it easier to take, of course.

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