Report: Phillies Trade Jimmy Rollins To Dodgers (Update)

CSN Philly says the deal is done:

No more details on the return is available, but Ken Rosenthal quickly pumped the breaks (a bit):

Original post: We’ll believe Ruben Amaro Jr. will trade one of his veterans when we see it, but CSN Philly is saying the Phillies are talking to the Dodgers about Jimmy Rollins:

SAN DIEGO – Jimmy Rollins is the longest tenured pro athlete in Philadelphia. He has been a fixture at shortstop for the Phillies for more than a decade. He’s won an MVP award, Gold Gloves and a World Series.

Could Rollins’ 14-year run with the Phillies be coming to and end?


There are increasing signs that the Phillies’ best chance of making a trade at these winter meetings would involve sending Rollins to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Sources say talks between the two sides are ongoing.

The story also says Rollins is “still an outstanding defensive shortstop,” which would seem to be overstating things a bit.

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