BREAKING: Jon Lester Agrees To $155 Million Deal With Cubs

Jon Lester is headed to the North Side, Ken Rosenthal reports:

Jeff Passan has the details:

Passan says the Red Sox offered “just” $135 million, and Rosenthal says the Red Sox “kind of blew it” by repeatedly low-balling Lester. (Joel Sherman said the Giants went six years $150 million.)

Earlier posts:

Let’s start the Tuesday evening Jon Lester thread with a little news from the Giants:

That’s all the latest news, presumably leaving the Cubs and Red Sox. Or some other team. And there are more meetings coming:

Are these meetings to finalize the deal – or to let them know what was decided?

Lester seems to be handling things well:

He could have let the agent do it – or let them hear via the Twitter machine. Good job. Update (10:10 p.m.): The Dodgers are out:

Update (10:20 p.m.): The money is on the Cubs, which means nothing:

And how much money is that?

Update (10:30 p.m.): The Cubs reportedly don’t know what’s up:

Update (10:35 p.m.): We might be here into tomorrow:

Update (11:45 p.m.): This one seems sketchy:

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