Winter Meetings Ain’t What They Used To Be

Hey, you all who care so much about the Winter Meetings have ruined the fun for the participants, according to the New York Times.

First Brian Cashman of the Yankees:

The lobby, restaurants and bars were packed with fans, scouts, managers, minor league officials, reporters, executives and agents, a gigantic Christmas tree in the center of it all. They talked among themselves, but their eyes darted to and fro, looking for someone perhaps more useful to talk to — someone like Cashman. Some of them were there to shake him down for his Yankees millions. Some were looking for a job, an autograph, a shred of information.

“You can’t even walk across the lobby anymore,” Cashman said recently, reflecting on experiences like that one. “It takes forever. Now, more and more, you just sit in the suite and do your business in there.”

And Jack McKeon, an advisor to the Marlins, also isn’t pleased with the newfound popularity of the meetings:

“Everything is so secretive now,” McKeon said. “Everyone just sits in their suites and texts everyone else. No one just hangs out in the lobby anymore. I used to sit right there as if I had a sign: ‘I’m right here. I’m open for business.’ I wanted to be seen.”

Trader Jack sounds like a cheap date.

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