Report: Jason Hammel Close To Returning To Cubs

The Cubs reportedly are close to signing a free agent pitcher. No, not that one. Or that one. Or even that one.

This one. Jason Hammel, according to Jon Heyman’s sources.

And if you click on that next to last link, you’ll see that Hammel had a hell of a year for the Cubs before being traded to the A’s with Jeff Samardzija. The Cubs are apparently counting on Chris Bosio reworking his magic that produced a 2.98 ERA (and 3.19 FIP) in 17 starts in Chicago last year.

Now, the Cubs just have to sign Samardzija after the 2015 season and they can have both of the pitchers they traded for Addison Russell and Billy McKinney. Shrewd.

Update: Is the deal for $18 million over two years? If so, that’s a very good deal for the Cubs.

Update 2.0: It’s $20 million guaranteed, given the buyout.

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