Reinsdorf Promotes Williams’ Advancement – By Blocking It

Kenny Williams is going to be sticking around the South Side for the foreseeable future, thanks to his boss denying not giving permission to the Blue Jays to talk to the White Sox executive vice president for a promotion.

And, based on this Sun-Times story, you have to think Williams will be bolting as soon as possible:

SAN DIEGO — Jerry Reinsforf doesn’t want to stand in Ken Williams’ way of career advancement. He just didn’t feel the timing was right, Williams said Tuesday.

A day after word got out that Williams had been considered by the Blue Jays to become their next president and CEO but was not granted by the Sox chairman an opportunity to discuss the opportunity with the Jays, Williams held court at baseball’s Winter Meetings to explain.

“I talked to Jerry, he just felt it was not the right time,’’ Williams said. “He did tell me he did not deny permission. But he did not grant it at this particular time, either, because we have White Sox work to do. I completely understand that and support that.’’

Got that?

Reinsdorf isn’t going to stand in the way of Williams’ career advancement – but he’s not going to give permission to teams to talk to him about advancing that career.

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